Build Dream

It's not just a design, it's a realization of the person's dreams of a perfect home. The company works with any level of complexity of design, executes design project from idea to implementation and is responsible for the result.

Brand Story
The Build Dream Company has become a home for its professionals. Here are masters with international experience, multiple winners of contests, highly specialized specialists.

When it comes to Build Dream, the customer receives a European-level service, as a company's services includes, in particular: transfer, online project control, official financial reporting, time guarantees and many other enjoyable benefits.
Logo Anatomy
X - Relative value. The distance between the components is half the thickness of the element. The radius of the rounding of the angle of the element (located diagonally) has half its thickness, and symbolizes the "smoothness of the approach" to the wishes of the client and firm professional decisions from other parties.
Build Dream Logo Development
Build Dream Logo Development 2
The whole graphic sign consists of four mutually perpendicular elements, described above, with indent from each other - 0,5 X. These parts symbolize the directions of North, South, East and West.
Proportions of constructing a logo in a horizontally shaped form The name BUILD DREAM is executed at a height of "2,5Х". The distance between the words and the slogan is "X". The height of the letters of the slogan is "X". The name and slogan distance to the graphic sign is "3X".
Build Dream Logo Development 3
Colors & Typography

The main inscription of the logo is based on the font
"MAKE Waffle Soft"

This font can be used in the development of brand carriers. On this page presented possible headset design firmf font. This font is the basis for creating a brand inscription.
Build Dream Font main

The main inscription of the logo is based on the "MEIRYO UI font"

This font can also be used in the design of branded items (business cards, letterhead, advertising, social networks, site and niche) as a carrier of auxiliary information about the company's activities.
Build Dream Font Additional
R-49; G-82; B-1;
C-59; M-13; Y-100; K-65;
R-10; G-10; B-10;
C-95; M-94; Y-46; K-95;
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