Factory "Massive" is the first in Crimea specialized enterprise for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete.

Brand Story
Automated lines are equipped with first-class equipment from HESS AAC SYSTEMS, which allows to produce a high-quality product, now available to customers on the peninsula market without a transport margin.

Plant "Massive" offers delivery of a gas block, on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. It is also possible to ship products from the production site.

For your convenience, we provide packaged products ready for shipping.
Logo Anatomy
The diagram shows the relative the dimensions by which the layout is constructed For the unit of measure, the size X - height of the letters of the unique font writing a logo.
Massive Logo Development
Massive Logo Development 2
When applying the logo layout to advertising, information and other carriers should be guided restrictions. Other objects can not be located To a logo more close specified security fields, except background images that do not affect the perusal of the trade mark.
When applying the layout logo on advertising, information and other media should be guided established restrictions. Other objects are not may be located to the logo of the protection fields, for the exclusion of background images that do not affect the perusal of the trade mark.
Massive Logo Development 3
Colors & Typography

Firm style of MASSIVE based on font "MACHINE-CTT".

This font should always be be used in developing brand bearers. On this page all possible headsets branded font. They can be used both for basic text set (mainly), and for writing slogans and different kinds of secretions.
Massive Font Main
Massive Font additional

Additional font, used in the logo in as a slogan, is "ROBOTO CONDENSED".

A font can also used in design of branded elements (business cards, branded form, advertising, social networks, site and niche) as a carrier supporting information about the company's activities.
R-17; G-59; B-101;
C-100; M-67; Y-11; K-49;
R-55 G-152; B-254;
C-71; M-38; Y-0; K-0;
R-187; G-115; B-0;
C-35; M-0; Y-100; K-0;
R-104; G-162; B-49;
C-63; M-3; Y-100; K-13;
Massive Implementation Work
Massive Implementation Work 2
Massive Implementation Work 3
Massive Implementation Work 4
Massive Implementation Work 5
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