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Clothing - it's not just the appearance of a person, but also an indicator of his prosperity, accuracy, taste.

Logo Anatomy


It is possible to use the graphic sign. Here presented scale mesh (construction principle) - the relative size is taken from the main logo, security field, the minimum size is -15 by 19 mm.
My Atelier Logo Development 1
My Atelier Logo Development 2


When applying the logo layout to advertising, information and other carriers should be guided restrictions. Other objects can not be located To a logo more close specified security fields, except background images that do not affect the perusal of the trade mark.


The diagram shows the relative the dimensions by which the layout is constructed logo. For the unit of measure, the size X - height of the letters of the unique font writing a logo.
My Atelier Logo Development 3
Colors & Typography

base font "BASKERVILLE"

Corporate identity MY ATELIER BASKERVILLE is based on the font. This font should always be used when developing brand carriers. This page contains all possible headset for branding font. They can be used both for the main text set (mostly), and for writing slogans and various kinds excretions.
My Atelier Font Main
My Atelier Font Additional

Additional font "CENTURY GOTHIC"

Additional font, used in the logo in as a slogan, is - "CENTURY GOTHIC" font can also be used in design of company elements (business cards, letterhead, advertising, social network, site and niche) as a carrier supporting activity information company.
My Atelier Color Scheme 1
My Atelier Color Scheme 2
My Atelier Implementation
My Atelier Implementation 1
My Atelier Implementation 2
My Atelier Implementation 3
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